Friday, February 27, 2015

Poem: The Bald Eagles Nest

The Bald Eagles Nest
by Victor Rook (From Poetry Pizza)

They soar above the barren trees
A pair that knows no flock
Two bald eagles nesting down
With eggs on winter's clock

Their heads bob up and then back down
Shifts change upon the hour
Mama stays and guards the nest
While high above he'll scour

The people watch, the people see
They view them far away
For who could resist this lovely sight
Our Nation's bird display

Then one day machines move in
Strange sounds add to the mix
For planes and trains already surround
Their home of leaves and sticks

The empty plot of land beside
Would make a pretty penny
But the Realtor declares, no building yet
It's the City getting ready

We're only laying down the lines
And far enough away, they say
But people watch, and people see
Their homeland ebb away

The bloggers blog, the people write
The papers make their calls
The authorities give them answers
To coddle all involved

The facts are blurred, the distance fudged
To fit within the laws
Why ruffle any feathers
Just the ones who bear the claws

They'll fill that space, inch by inch
No matter what it takes
Unless the people save the day
And someone hits the brakes

What will be, we do not know
Once the babes have taken wing
For they may leave, forever gone
And no one saved a thing

(Since this poem was written, full construction has begun.)

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