Friday, October 28, 2016

Poem: Halloween for Adults

Halloween for Adults (from my book Poetry Pizza)
by Victor Rook

Fall erodes the summer heat
Colored leaves drop to our feet
Once they wither to a crisp
Chilly winds will be their whisk

Evil dwells below the ground
This time of year it comes around
We welcome up the living dead
And celebrate the need for dread

It’s funny how we like the scare
To let our minds seek all we fear
While children crave what is sweet
Adults need more than trick or treat

Something in us reaches out
For the thrill that comes about
It could be signals in the air
Harvest moons say you beware

Of what lurks near every corner
Prepare yourself for the horror
Or better yet be caught off guard
By what looms deep within your yard

Hands may reach up for your foot
And pull you through the soiled soot
Then close you off inside a tomb
To suffer in the devil’s womb

Walking through a cemetery
With lanterns lit we feel leery
We put ourselves within this plight
To conjure up our nighttime fright

Halloween and Poltergeist
Scary films that feed our vice
With babysitters home alone
Or in a house where spirits roam

Bats and bones and wicked charms
Goosebumps running up our arms
Blood and guts and false alarms
Spooky roads and haunted farms

Perhaps we need this time away
Before the Merry holiday
Halloween serves as our hiatus
From the chaos that will await us

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