Saturday, November 29, 2014

Portable Writing Devices and You

The NEC Mobile Pro 790 with a makeshift case from a DVD holder.

Though the keyboard on my home PC is where I'm best able to crack away at a story, sometimes I need to go remote to unearth that muse. For me, it is usually outside sitting in my car on a sunny day. A laptop would be too cumbersome. A tablet, too small. So I put to good use this circa 2001 NEC Mobile Pro 790 unit I purchased on ebay years ago. It features instant-on (no booting up), Windows CE versions of MS-Office, an SD card slot, and a backlit touch screen. Yes, well before tablets there were devices with touch screens. The case you see is a DVD holder with the sleeves removed and velcro added to hold the unit in place. Zip it up and I'm on the go!
The Dana.
And here is yet another crazy device. The Dana. It features a full-sized keyboard and a narrow touch screen. You can view about five lines of text at one time. And the battery life....very long. Like days. Unfortunately, the screen can be very hard to read unless the light hits it right. But the keyboard it awesome. It also features two USB ports on the back and SD card slots to transfer files back to the mother PC.

So tell me in the comments below what your favorite writing tools are. What works for you? Vic

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