Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Making of Die Glocke

The Die Glocke, or Nazi Bell, for Robert F. Dorr's cover for "Hitler's Time Machine" was created with several programs. The shape itself was modeled in an old 3D program called Raydream Studio. Here are the steps:

A profile line is carefully drawn on the back wall and swept around a center axis. Bezier curves are applied at specific points to achieve a smooth edge.

A square rod is created and duplicated to form three rosettes where holes are desired.
A Boolean algorithm subtracts the rod intersections with the original shape. You can see vertical rods were also created and subtracted to create the bottom holes. Now light can appear to shine through the bell.
Three rings are made by combining concentric circles and removing the centers. Then they are positioned on the shape. You'll notice a flat disc and torus have been added on top of the bell shape.
A cast iron texture is applied to the bell, and a swastika banner created in a graphics program is applied around the center to blend in with the bump of the cast iron so it looks as though it were painted on. Yellow spheres with a glow are placed inside the Glocke, and an overlay of beams is added on top of the rendered image.

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